Tips for Crafting an Outstanding Call for Speaker Submissions

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As the Salesforce ecosystem continues to expand, community-led conferences play an integral role in fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration. For individuals passionate about sharing their expertise and experiences, submitting a compelling call for speaker proposal is the first step towards securing a coveted speaking opportunity. In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies to enhance your chances of getting selected as a speaker at Salesforce community-led conferences.

1. Relevance to the Community:

One of the primary factors we consider is how well the proposed topic aligns with the interests and concerns of our Salesforce community. We look for sessions that address common pain points, explore innovative solutions, and provide valuable insights that resonate with our diverse audience.

2. Originality and Innovation:

We value fresh perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking. Submissions that bring new insights, innovative approaches, and cutting-edge practices to the table tend to stand out. We aim to keep our conference program dynamic and captivating, encouraging attendees to explore novel ideas and strategies.

3. Clarity and Focus:

A well-defined and focused session description helps us understand the speaker’s intent and ensures that attendees have a clear understanding of what to expect. We look for submissions that have a clear outline, learning objectives, and a coherent structure that will lead to a meaningful and memorable experience for the audience.

4. Speaker Experience:

While we embrace speakers from all walks of life, previous speaking experience can be an advantage. However, lack of experience doesn’t deter us from selecting passionate individuals with compelling stories and valuable insights to share. We believe that diversity in speaker backgrounds enriches the conference experience for all.

5. Inclusivity and Representation:

We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity within our conference program. We strive to feature speakers from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, fostering a welcoming and enriching environment for all attendees.

6. Practical Application:

Sessions that offer actionable takeaways and real-world applications are highly valued. We want our attendees to leave the conference equipped with practical knowledge that they can implement in their day-to-day work and projects.

7. Audience Engagement:

We encourage interactive sessions that engage the audience and facilitate meaningful discussions. Presentations that incorporate Q&A sessions, polls, and live demonstrations enhance the overall learning experience.

A Word to Our Community:

To those whose submissions were accepted, congratulations! We are excited to have you on board and are confident that your insights will make a significant impact on our community. Your contributions are invaluable, and we are grateful for your dedication to knowledge-sharing.

To those whose submissions were not accepted this time, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your interest and effort. Please understand that the selection process was challenging due to the sheer volume of high-quality submissions. This does not diminish the value of your ideas or experiences in any way. We encourage you to keep engaging with the community, learning, and sharing your knowledge, as opportunities like these will arise again.

Let us come together as a strong and supportive community, where each voice is celebrated and appreciated. We believe that every individual has a unique story to tell, and we look forward to future opportunities to showcase the incredible talent within our Salesforce family.

Thank you for being an essential part of our community, and we can’t wait to see you at the #PakDreamin2023!