About Us


This is Pakistan’s first Community-led conference targeting EVERYONE within the Salesforce ecosystem, including beginners. 

Our pushing-the-boundaries conference is centred around providing a dedicated, inclusive space to collaborate, build relationships and learn best practices.

PakDreamin is an event focused on Salesforce content for EVERYONE primarily focused on non-Salesforce technical professionals, Salesforce administratorsdevelopers, and architects. Our goal is to bring people to the Salesforce ecosystem and support people who are working as Developers & Architects to help the Salesforce industry grow all over the world especially in Pakistan by providing a platform to learn and share knowledge and inviting recruiters to solve the skill hunting problem

Our purpose is to elevate the skills and deepen the platform knowledge of all attendees, primarily in Pakistan. Sessions presented by experts in the Salesforce ecosystem -This is a community-led event organized with a passion for the Salesforce platform.

All the sessions will be available on-demand after the event on YouTube or another video-hosting platform. EARLY-ACCESS to be given for the Attendees only.

Thanks to all our generous sponsors, we’re offering worth up to $400 certification vouchers and swag gifts to our attendees on EACH SESSION.

Plus, all the Speakers and Moderators will get GUARANTEED swags which may include the PakDreamin printed T-shirt or other swags (Subject to availability).

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Badar Abbas


Sana Komal

Logistics Coordinator