3 tips of Sales of Improvement

There are as many theories on how to improve sales as there are people involved in sales. I don’t think there is a one and single formula. Although currently emerging there is a great tip for increasing sales productivity, which is all about using automation tools like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, document generation, and e-signature.

There are many automated tools on the market to track productivity gains and results. Computing the most relevant metrics like call rate and win rate, sales cycle length, pipeline conversion rate as well as average number of touches gives immensely valuable insights to adapt the sales process where necessary. Using dashboards to visualize trends, sales representatives can then better understand what works and what doesn’t, why top performers excel and under-performers stay behind.

All daily sales activities are automatically captured and recorded in your Salesforce. With the integrated data visualization tool of the sales enablement platform, managers can then see with one click which sales activity or behavior each individual sales representative is performing in real-time.

Another valuable tip considered to be a great sales productivity booster is document generation.

With smart, cloud-based solutions that integrate with Salesforce, sales teams can be more efficient and have better options than staying behind with the manual processes of yesterday. They can design their templates and click a button—automatically taking all the relevant information from Salesforce, running all data, and putting everything together, to create personalized and branded proposals.  

On many occasions, sales reps are spending most of their time and resources creating files and compiling documents. Instead of selling. A solution that simply automates the document generation process is essential and would certainly shorten their sales cycle.

With PDF Butler, at the click of a button, you can generate perfectly branded documents instantly, with each personalized template tailored to specific customer needs, and even automate them with your favorite salesforce automation tools like Process Builder and Flow. This will reduce drastically reduce the time you are spending now designing and generating common business documents such as quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices, proposals, agreements, etc.

Lastly…a real golden tip that would help you accelerate your business and close deals faster: e-signatures. 

You will save time, money, fastidious tasks such as downloading, printing, and scanning will belong to the past, you will save tons of paper and ink, and ultimately, by deleting the boring parts of the deal closing, you will gain happier customers and employees.

A few clicks with SIGN Butler are enough. SIGN Butler, you can automate your signing process without ever leaving Salesforce.